William Patten Daycare - The Nursery

William Patten Daycare is based in Stoke Newington on the same site as the William Patten School. This independent N16 Nursery was established 25 years ago as a community service and still serves as a non-profit organisation providing high-quality childcare and learning for children from 2-5 years old.

The nursery children come from the local area and those that will eventually also attend the school find that we act as a gentle stepping stone into the new environment.

Full-time/Part-time/after school schedules are available at affordable rates. Please find a summary here or call to find out.

Ofsted have recently rated us as ‘Good to Outstanding’ (view the report here) and we pride ourselves on the care and attention we provide for our children in a fun, educational environment.

Need more information?

Please give us a call on
020 7923 7803

Ofsted rated us as ‘Good to Outstanding’

Click here to see a copy of our 2010 report